How to Serve a Memorable Meal on Doll Dishes

My paternal grandmother, whom we called Omi, once served my sister and I a simple lunch on china doll dishes, bathed in sunshine.  I can still see the scene:  the high window over the kitchen door, the plants behind the sink, and her gold fish gladly fluttering his fins in a spherical bowl.  As a young bride, I selected “good dishes” that look much like those doll dishes, only grown-up size.  From childhood, I learned the impact and value of offering warm hospitality to guests, even, or maybe especially, little ones.

As a young bride, I selected “good dishes” that look much like those doll dishes, only grown-up size.

Life was not easy for Omi.  Born before 1900, Omi was raised by a single mom in Germany.  Sadly her mom passed away when she was a teen, so she moved to The Netherlands to work as a nanny for a family living on Alexanderstraat in Den Haag.  They introduced her to Jesus and later encouraged her to go to the United States.  She met my grandfather there, in a church composed of German immigrants and their families. Always a stranger, Omi learned to connect with others by sharing delicious food:  sautéed eggplant, homemade marzipan, coconut sprinkled cake baked in a lamb-shaped mold.

The Christian Bible often describes God as hospitable.  King David wrote, “You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies.” The prophet, Isaiah, predicted that one day, “The LORD Almighty will prepare a feast of rich food for all peoples, a banquet of aged wine—the best of meats and the finest of wines.” The book of Revelation foretells “the wedding supper of the Lamb!” Sometimes when I am preparing a meal for guests, I remind myself that God participates in and values the thoughtful work of creating delicious food and beautiful tables.

Application:  Dear friend, if you practice hospitality towards others, keep it simple.  Even a simple lunch served on tiny dishes can become a life-long memory.  Weary friend, God invites you now, not to a life of religious duty, but to life nourished by relationship with him.


What has been your most memorable experience of giving or receiving hospitality?

Recommended Reading:

Why Hospitality Beats Entertaining by Jen Wilkin

Let’s Make A Memory : Great Ideas for Building Family Traditions and Togetherness by Gloria Gaither, Shirley Dobson(January 1, 1983) Paperback

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